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Carmina Cabrera started playing the guitar at the age of 10 and left her hometown of "Santa Cruz de la Sierra" in Bolivia to study English in



A few years later, she met the guitarist Francis Goya in Brussels who invited her to participate in a Latin American project for Phonogram Holland with Rude Jacobs and Gwenael Miko. Thanks, among other things, to his seductive voice and his inimitable phrase the 3 albums born from this collaboration will be a success with a hit " BAHIA LADY " which will allow them to win the prestigious "EDISON 91" award.


Carmina will continue her solo career by making her first album (arranged by Henri Greindl: Nono Garcia,  Anne Wolf, Jan de Haas, Gino Latuca, Antonio Reina.) for the Dutch label " ZYXMUSIC.

For several years now, Carmina Cabrera is focused on composing an original repertoire for the colours of traditional Latin music. His encounter with the composer Cyril Orcel allows his compositions to be enriched and open to wider orchestrations with string arrangements reminiscent of those of the American jazz from the '30s.

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